Monday, November 27, 2006

Various--The World is Gone (2006)

Album-The World is Gone
Release Date-October 24, 2006
Genre/Style-Trip-Hop/Indie Electronic

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Biography-The name of the band/artist is “Various”. It’s NOT a various artist collection! However, the somewhat mysterious band name leads to the mysterious sound. Having recently created a stir in the UK with a trio of vinyl-only singles, XL Recordings is excited to release the full-length album “The World Is Gone”.

Combining electronic pop music with a dash of Fairport Convention, Various are one of the most thrilling outfits to have emerged in years. Their ferocious beats are manifestly rugged and raw, whilst the melodies are pop incarnate. On a Various production, genre walls come tumbling down. From the very first moments of buzzsaw frenetics of ‘Thunnk’, the echo chamber warble of ‘Don’t Ask’, the sweet oblivion of ‘Soho’, the apocalyptic drop of ‘Sir’ to the epic Eastern grandeur of the title track ‘The World is Gone’. There are no handy pigeonholes to cling to, especially when the tougher electronic tracks are set against such Sandy Denny-inspired moments as ‘Circle of Sorrow’ and ‘Fly’.

The audacious way Various wilfully throw aside tags and conjure up a new form of pop is nothing short of breathtaking. One can safely say that Various are utterly singular in the contemporary music field, even more so because they are the complete creative package – brimming with a vision that spills over into their stunning illustrated artwork, their fresh and bold production sounds and individual style. The mainframe of Various revolves around the two mysterious figures, Adam and Ian. The duo acts as a lynchpin around which a vast array of vocalists display their respective talents. You could even call them a collective if it struck your fancy.

Personal Rating-Recommended!


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