Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stuffs about the whole music market and music charts...

I decide to share some files about music industry and music charts with you today. They are:

1. Loose integration in the popular music industry - Popular Music and Society, Oct, 2005 by Patrick Burkart

This thesis mainly talks about "Celestial Jukebox model" and the developement history of the big four(Universal/EMI/Warner/Sony-BMG). You can find many interesting datas and figures in it such as "statistic of total music sales by market in 2005" and "Top 10 Digital Market in 2005"

2. "Certified Awards-Rules for Eligibility" which is officially published by BPI(The British Phonograhic Industry Limited)

3. Definitive yearbook on the UK music market published by IFPI.

4. IFPI's annual global piracy report. (July 2006)



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