Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Metric-Live It Out (2005)

Album-Live It Out
Release Date-Sep 27, 2005
Label-Last Gang
Genre/Style-Alternative Pop/ Rock Indie Rock


Review-Toronto's Metric has the ability to appeal to fans on a number of levels: the group captures the likeability of Elastica with the cheekiness of Blondie and then mixes that new wave style with just enough of a growling guitar to give it some oomph. Since their last release, the acclaimed Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, Metric's sound has morphed slightly; this follow-up is a little more guitar-based and slightly less electronic than their last, a move likely to broaden their fan base even further. Metric's rock-meets-new-wave is not only timely, it is joyful to boot. The driving track "Handshakes" could easily qualify for the next ipod commercial, while "Monster Hospital"'s retro punk style has a Clash-inspired chorus that will stay in your head for days. By the same token, the band's musical diversity is especially evident in the beautiful "The Police and the Private," where one could easily imagine that they are listening to an up-tempo Sarah Harmer track. Metric's cross-genre appeal is at least party due to frontwoman Emily Haines' delivery. A smart writer and performer, Haines' contributions to the Broken Social Scene collective have already made her voice somewhat familiar, and in her own element she shines especially bright. From her delicate whispers (the Pink Floyd-esque "Ending Start") to her Eurotrash-inspired yelps ("Live It Out") Haines has the "it" factor that makes indie rock critics swoon, and keeps fans dedicated. --Denise Sheppard


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