Monday, November 20, 2006

The Long Blondes--Someone To Drive You Home (2006)

Artist-The Long Blondes
Album-Someone To Drive You Home
Release Date-06 November 2006
Label-Rough Trade
Genre/Style-Indie Pop

Biography-Dorian Cox (guitar), Reenie Delaney (bass), Emma Chaplin (guitar/vocals), Kate Jackson (vocals), and Screech Louder (drums) comprise the glamorous new wave-tinged stylings of the Long Blondes. The Sheffield, England five-piece came together in 2005 and issued their debut, "Autonomy Boy"/"Long Blonde," a split 7" with the Boyfriends shortly thereafter. A handful of independent singles for Angular Records and Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation followed into 2006, as did the NME Philip Hall Radar Award, which has previously been presented to Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs. A record deal with Rough Trade was cemented in April, and two months later, the Long Blondes' campy yet cheeky "Weekend Without Makeup" made the U.K. Top 30. Their debut album, Someone to Drive Me Home, arrived in November 2006.

New Musical Express Rating-90(Out 0f 100)
Dot Music Rating-90
Stylus Magazine-83
Observer Music Monthly-80
The Guardian-80

Review-The majority of these upbeat songs have howling vocals, scything guitar and, unusually for a current Brit group, a rhythm section that manages to be danceable without having to go out of its way to prove it--but it’s the slower tracks that end each side that turn the album into something cohesive.


By the way, I posted Kaye Styles' two videos before and here are his three songs(Don't cry/Watching me/Prison Break Anthem). He deserves more attention.

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