Monday, November 13, 2006

Certification Requirement For All The Countries In The World

Hi chart-lovers,

I did lots of research about the certification rules all over the world, but the results were always incompleted.

Today I got the whole datas from IFPI Yearbook, that I think everyone would be interested in. These are latest certification requirements for all the countries in the world with national recording associations.

You could download here:

By the way, I reuploaded the Poluhhonic Spree's new EP. Here is the link:
Artist-Polyphonic Spree
Album-Wait (EP single)

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loonaman said...

hello and a b-i-g "thank you" for ur work... just stumbled across your blog and found in archives a swiss group called 'lunik'. immediately started download. unfortunately the link for :
"Lunik-Life is our side"
is dead. can u please reup ? would be great ...

thanks again & have a nice day !