Monday, October 30, 2006

TV On The Radio--Return to Cookie Mountain (2006)

Artist-TV On The Radio
Album-Return to Cookie Mountain
Release Date-Jul 3, 2006
Genre/Style-Post-Rock/ Experimental Indie Rock

Tiny Mix Tapes Rating-100(Out 0f 100)
The Onion (A.V. Club)-100
Entertainment Weekly-91
Stylus Magazine-91
Prefix Magazine-90
New Musical Express-90
Rolling Stone-90
Q Magazine-80
Personal Rating-Recommended!

Review-Their second album and first for Interscope is almost wholly brilliant. Like Mogwai, Sigur Ros and a dozen others, TVOTR excels at making slowly-evolving tunes with vaguely anthemic choruses and lots of loud-soft dynamics. Unlike virtually any of those other bands, TV on the Radio mix a genuine and actual songwriting ability with their knack for finding sounds that appear to be "new." This record is crisper-sounding and incorporates more dance-based elements, but it's essentially a pop album. While the lack of the free web-released "Dry Drunk Emperor, a tribute to President Bush, is initially a bummer, the album percolates with enough pre-apocalyptic tension to satisfy anyone. In a Prince-pitched falsetto, the group sings "I was a lover/ Before this war," While throughout, the combination of melody and invention is always pitch-perfect (well, except on "Province" and "Let the Devil In," those songs sort of suck.) People of Earth: please make this band into total superstars and buy several copies of their album: one for the car, another for the office, etc. What we really need in our popular music is more weirdness, and more truth. --Mike McGonigal


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