Monday, October 02, 2006

The Mountain Goats--Get Lonely (2006)

Artist-The Mountain Goats
Album-Get Lonely
Release Date-Aug 22, 2006
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

NOW Magazine Rating-80(Out 0f 100)
Uncut Rating-80
Q Magazine Rating-70
Rolling Stone Rating-70
Personal Rating-Recommended!

Review-Like a scabbed-over successor to last year's exorcism of intra-family demons, The Sunset Tree, John Darnielle's latest is (apologies for the pong of pop psychology) a hesitant step forward in the process of healing. The humble songs here, plaintive melodies stretched over frames of restrained acoustic guitar, complex percussion and carefully chosen string arrangements, still resonate like painful moments of catharsis as Darnielle documents breaking up(both with a lover and with psychic ghosts) and starting over, but the psychological detail feels less garish and messy. And though the tunes themselves seem unassuming, based on conventional chord progressions and strumming patterns, that simplicity draws attention to Darnielle's fine songwriting. Every detail is deliberate, from the self-conscious echo of imagery (angels sing like 'marbles on a mirror,' the protagonist 'looks at [his] hands like mirrors') to Erik Friedlander's purposeful cello accents, which mimic Darnielle's lyrical allusions.


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