Monday, October 16, 2006

The Little Ones--Sing Song (2006)

Artist-The Little Ones
Album-Sing Song
Release Date-2006
Label-Branches Recording Collective
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

Biography-The Little Ones are comprised of Ian Moreno, Edward Nolan Reyes, Brian Reyes, Lee Ladouceur, and Greg Meyer. Coming together in Los Angeles in early 2006, the summery-sounding Little Ones wear their influences (the Beach Boys, the Zombies) on their sleeves while composing some of the brightest indie rock of the new millennium. They self-released their debut EP, Sing Song, that spring. That fall, the band landed a worldwide deal with Astralwerks — Heavenly Recordings in the U.K. and Europe and Astralwerks in the Americas. A reissued version of Sing Song, which included a previously unavailable bonus track, arrived in October.

Review-The magical indie pop of Sing Song is a delightful introduction to the Little Ones. The California collective join David Newton of the Mighty Lemon Drops to co-produce the EP, and songs such as the handclap-happy "Let Them Ring the Bells" and jamboree-like "Cha Cha Cha" showcase the band's long suit of simplicity. "Hey MJ!" recalls the chiming guitars of the Trash Can Sinatras' "Killing the Cabinet" for another EP standout. While they don't venture too far away from the common text of indie rock, the Little Ones are onto something good here. It's their good-natured modesty in song and earnest efforts in craft that make Sing Song the hidden treasure that it is, and those who worship Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the Shins, Arcade Fire, and Neutral Milk Hotel should embrace these six lovely tidings. The jaunty guitar-driven "Heavy Heart Brigade" says it all: "We sought our future in rock & roll/Now we are locked outside its door/Are we ever gonna figure it out?" The Little Ones have pledged their hearts to making some quality music, so they've figured something out. Thank goodness for that.


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