Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cassy--Panorama Bar 01 (2006)

Album-Panorama Bar 01
Release Date-Sep 12, 2006
Label-Ostgut Ton
Genre/Style-House Club/Dance

Biography-Not to be confused with the teen R&B performer whose name is spelled Cassie, Cassy (aka Catherine Britton) made her first recordings as a vocalist on Elin's Music Takes Me Higher EP in the late '90s. However, it was her project with producer/DJ Dave the Hustler that helped to propel her into the minimal techno spotlight. After collaborating on tracks with Perlon's Luciano and Mathew Jonson, she moved to Berlin in 2003 where she began to DJ with great frequency. She has since collaborated with minimal techno mainstays Ricardo Villalobos and Steve Bug on projects, started her own label, and released her debut solo EP on Perlon. Her first official mix CD, Panorama Bar 01, was released in August of 2006.

AllMusic Rating-80(Out 0f 100)
Personal Rating-Recommended!


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