Monday, September 18, 2006

The Thermals--The Body, the Blood, the Machine (2006)

Artist-The Thermals
Album-The Body, the Blood, the Machine
Release Date-Aug 22, 2006
Label-Sub Pop
Genre/Style-Indie Rock/Lo-Fi

Biography-by Heather Phares A Portland, OR, supergroup of sorts, the Thermals feature Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster of the twee/folk-pop duo Hutch and Kathy and the All Girl Summer Fun Band, Kind of Like Spitting's Ben Barnett, and the Operacycle's Jordan Hudson. The group started in early 2002 as a way for its members to play just for the fun of it, but their insistent melodies and punk-inspired urgency won them a local following quickly. Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard was one of the Thermals' first fans and got the group in touch with Sub Pop, which signed them within four months of the band's formation. The Thermals released a single in January of 2003, followed by their full-length More Parts Per Million later that spring. Fuckin A, the Thermals' sophomore effort, marked their first release for Sub Pop in mid-2004. In the midst of recording the Thermals' third full-length, founding drummer Jordan Hudson left the group. Foster and Harris resumed recording and played all instruments on 2006's The Body, the Blood, the Machine. Drummer Caitlin Love joined the Thermals just in time for a European tour in spring 2006. Lorin Coleman, of the Portland indie rock act Virga, was added on drums in late summer.


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