Friday, September 15, 2006

A New Poll

Hi guys,

I created a new poll because I really want to know which country you are from. Please Join me and let me know your answer. If your country isn't listed, you can add it by yourself. Thanks a lot! ^-^

Thanks for your participation last time and here is the final result:

Poll Title-Which music genres do you like?
Total Votes Cast-253 votes

Top 10 and proportion-
Rock-38 votes, 15%
R&B-28 votes, 11.1%
Jazz-23 votes, 9.1%
Blues-22 votes, 8.7%
Country-20 votes, 7.9%
Electronica-17 votes, 6.7%
Reggae-13 votes, 5.1%
Gospel-11 votes, 4.3%(Rap-11 votes, 4.3%)
Soundtrack-9 votes, 3.6%(Folk-9 votes, 3.6%)
New Age-8 votes, 3.2%(World-8 votes, 3.2%)


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