Monday, September 18, 2006

John Mayer--Continuum (New!)

Artist-John Mayer
Release Date-Sep 12, 2006
Genre/Style-Adult Alternative Pop/ Rock

Personal Rating-Recommended and New!

Review-Continuum is about as apt a title as it gets for John Mayer's third studio disc. Every element, from the peerless guitar playing to the plainspoken poetry of the lyrics to the breathy-sincere singing, makes a return from previous efforts. But to weakly pronounce this another worthwhile effort from an artist the world has come to expect a whole lot from and then call it a day would be no minor misdeed, because it's also the best, boldest disc he's ever made. Taking maturity as a theme throughout, Mayer tackles a batch of adulthood's bogeymen: indifference on the uptempo chart-climber "Waiting for the World to Change," aging on the melancholy-sweet "Stop This Train," and emotional trainwreckage on the big-rocking "In Repair." That's not to suggest he's turned overly introspective--check the Jimi Hendrix cover "Bold As Love," where he hits one home for guitarists who've been living in the shadow of legend everywhere, and the hard-charging "Belief," which benefits from a mesmerizing, liquid groove. Continuum may be the third in a series, but a creative cop-out this is not; Mayer is his generation's musical superman--powerful, unassailable, and magnetic. Hand that man a cape. --Tammy La Gorce

Chart Information-
Year Single Chart Peak
2006 Waiting On The World To Change Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks 4
2006 Waiting On The World To Change Hot Canadian Digital Singles 8
2006 Waiting On The World To Change Hot Digital Songs 7
2006 Waiting On The World To Change Pop 100 24
2006 Waiting On The World To Change The Billboard Hot 100 21


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