Monday, September 25, 2006

Guster--Goldfly (1997)

Release Date-Mar 4, 1997
Genre/Style-Alternative Pop/ Rock

Personal Rating-Guster is one of my favourite bands(Maybe this isn't their best album). I will upload their other 3 albums recently.

Biography-Guster became one of the most successful bands to hit the East Coast scene in the late '90s. Through relentless touring and humorous stage banter with the crowd, the band developed a strong, grassroots fan base that spread rapidly with a strong presence on the Internet. The Boston trio developed a unique sound with two acoustic guitars and a bongo set, successfully defying the typical industry pigeonholing. They wrote short, infectiously catchy tunes about love, suicide, and absurdist rock star lifestyles.

Review-by Matthew Robinson Bursting on to the sonic scene with the driving "Great Escape," Guster's major-label debut quickly mellows into the insightfully deceptive "Demon" and the island chock of "Perfect" before revving back up to the strikingly produced "Airport Song." Though the album has many high points, this first single is the highest. Drifting in like a distant storm, this cryptic offering erupts into a seething and impressively arranged explosion. Combining the trio's competent guitar, bass, and hand percussion with a variety of accents ranging from strings to screams (not to mention a Ping-Pong ball coda), "Airport" is a shut-up-and-crank-it song which grabs the listener by the ears and reveals itself further with each triumphant listening. Fortunately, the album does not give up after this early peak. Though many of the songs are ambiguous in terms of verse-chorus contiguity and overall meaning, the rich and simple vocal and instrumental layering is clear and effective. Combining peppy sways and dances like "Perfect" and "Grin" with wild antic raves such as "Bury Me" and the gentle closer "Rocketship," Goldfly leaves little doubt as to why the band continues to sell out venues in their New England home and beyond.


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