Thursday, August 31, 2006

Shawn Colvin--A Few Small Repairs (1996)

Artist-Shawn Colvin
Album-A Few Small Repairs
Release Date-Oct 1, 1996
Genre/Style-Singer/ Songwriter Adult Alternative Pop/ Rock Contemporary Folk

Personal Rating-Recommended!

Review-by Chris Woodstra
A Few Small Repairs, the proper follow-up to Fat City, was recorded on the heels of Colvin's divorce. And while the album is certainly a response, she avoids the obvious clichés in dealing with the aftermath, revealing instead the complex thought processes and complete range of human emotion, from anger, sadness, confusion, yearning, and disillusionment to resolve and recovery. Colvin has always been a songwriter of note, but with A Few Small Repairs, she reaches new heights, painting hauntingly vivid images that address not only relationships but also life in general with great insight. The subject matter predictably gives a generally dark mood to the album, but musically, the album is both diverse and irresistibly catchy. The album marks a reunion with former collaborator/producer John Leventhal, and the two have found a perfect blend between words, music, and tasteful, organic arrangements for Colvin's finest effort to date.

Chart Information-
Year Album Chart Peak
1996 A Few Small Repairs The Billboard 200 39


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