Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Orrico Stacie--Beautiful Awakening (New!!!)

Artist-Orrico Stacie
Album-Beautiful Awakening
Release Date-Aug 29, 2006
Genre/Style-Gospel + R&B /CCM/Contemporary Gospel

Tracks-1. So Simple 2. I'm Not Missing You 3. Dream You 4. Easy To Luv You 5. Save Me 6. Take Me Away 7. Babygirl 8. Wait 9. Is It Me 10. Don't Ask Me To Stay 11. I Can't Give It Up 12. Beautiful Awakening

Biography-by Al Campbell

CCM artist Stacie Orrico was born March 3, 1986 in Seattle, WA, and is one of five children. Orrico began singing at an early age when her family moved to Denver, CO. She first gained recognition in 1998 at the age of 12 when she received the top honor in the vocalist category at the Estes Park Christian Artist Seminar. She built her career from that experience and was signed to Forefront Records. Her 2000 debut album, Genuine, is a combination of Christian pop with an urban flare and has been compared stylistically to both Christina Aguilera and Lauryn Hill. Three songs from her debut album, including the Michael W. Smith-produced ballad "Dear Friend" and the disc's first single "Don't Look at Me," were written or co-written by Orrico.


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