Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Divine Weeks--Never Get Used to It (1986 and Rare)

Artist-Divine Weeks
Album-Never Get Used to It
Release Date-1986
Label-First Warning
Genre/Style-Alternative Pop/ Rock

Personal Rating-Rare!

Review-by Ned Raggett
Divine Weeks were perhaps one of L.A.'s best could-have-been bands — certainly the hype and attention they received through their existence was close to that given to groups like U2, but at least the music was good enough to warrant it. With its final album, the quartet took a strong bow on a nine-song set, seeing out one era of alternative rock the same year another was fully inaugurated in the public eye. Ironically, there's much on Never Get Used to It that could easily have fit on Ten — certainly vocalist Bill See has the same sense of passion and mission that Eddie Vedder brought to bear on his early work, and arguably with better results. His is a good, strong voice, passionate in the best way with just enough sweetness to balance out the rough rasps. As for the band as a whole, the members draw on everything from fiery classic rock burn to post-punk energy — R.E.M. could be as much of a touchstone as U2, but Divine Weeks sound more like a good '70s band eschewing dumbass soloing for crunch and flow. Both of the album's singles, "I Found Out" and "Preachin' to the Choir," are big, radio-friendly numbers blending funk-influenced rhythms into the inspiring feedback roar. See is at his best on the latter; the occasional comparisons to Jane's Addiction make a certain sense here, as the band lays it down big and strong behind his echo-laden belting. Other numbers like "Gingi and Me" continue the "big and loud" approach, but the band can also aim for something more subtle, as "Watershed" and the fine opener "Soul on Ice" shows — the latter by no means minimal, but just a touch more soothing in comparison. In sum, good stuff well worth the finding.



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