Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Christine Evans--Push (2006)

Artist-Christine Evans
Release Date-Jun 20, 2006
Label-Pacific Music
Genre/Style-Alternative Pop/Rock

Personal Rating-Recommended

Tracks-1. Nation Redeemed 2. Push 3. Believe 4. Give It Up 5. Only With Time 6. Let Me Be 7. I Know What I Like 8. Show Me The Way 9. Break Me 10. Now I Sing 11. On & On 12. Don't Leave

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Review-Christine Evans' sophomore album, "Push," shows Christine's growth over the past 2 years. Her voice has changed for the best, being more powerful than ever. Her songwriting is phenomenal! She gives her voice on politics in "A Nation Redeemed" and talks about relationship problems in the title track, "Push." While still being organic pop, the album has more electric guitar than her debut album. It seems as Christine has become more comfortable in her own skin and it shows through the record. Some tracks that stand out on this excellent record include "Give It Up", "A Nation Redeemed", and "Only Time."


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