Friday, July 28, 2006

Razorlight--Up All Night (2004)

Album-Up All Night
Release Date-Aug 17,2004
Label-Universal International
Genre/Style-Indie Rock

Tracks-1. Leave Me Alone2. Rock N Roll Lies3. Vice4. Up All Night5. Which Way Is Out6. Rip It Up7. Don't Go Back To Dalston8. Golden Touch9. Stumble And Fall10. In The City11. To The Sea12. Fall, Fall, Fall

Review-The 2004 debut by London's Razorlight is another addition to the post-Strokes fray of driving, updated garage rock. Stylish, swaggering, and fueled by catchy hooks, chugging bass and drums, and electric guitars that alternately ring and chime, Razorlight has all the trimmings of a successful rock outfit. From the seesaw riff that kicks off "Leave Me Alone" and vocalist/guitarist Johnny Borrell's David Bowie-influenced phrasing, it is clear that Razorlight plans to take the international stage with a classic flourish. And if any doubt remains, the punchy, pop-conscious rave-up "Rock N Roll Lies" should settle the score.

However, UP ALL NIGHT mixes it up a bit, too. The title track is a brisk, melodic ride aided by stinging, upper-register guitar leads. The bouncy vocal delivery of "Which Way Is Out" provides a bit of quirky, rock & roll soul, while "Don't Go Back to Dalston" is a minor-key ditty that builds in intensity. But edgy, energized, raw-throated rockers like "Rip It Up" bring the quartet back to what it does best. UP ALL NIGHT shows this up-and-coming band not only finding its legs, but strutting with them.


(I upload this album for AI who left requests on my message board.)

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