Saturday, July 29, 2006

Archie Bronson Outfit--Derdang Derdang (2006)

Artist-Archie Bronson Outfit
Album-Derdang Derdang
Release Date-Apr 3, 2006
Genre/Style-Indie Rock/Garage Punk

Personal Rating-Recommended

Tracks-1. Cherry Lips 2. Kink 3. Dart For My Sweetheart 4. Got To Get (Your Eyes) 5. Dead Funny 6. Modern Lovers 7. Cuckoo 8. Jab Jab 9. How I Sang Dang 10. Rituals11. Harp For My Sweetheart

Review-by Tim Sendra Archie Bronson Outfit's second album Derdang Derdang is a vitriolic, ragged trawl through the depths of heartbreak, hatred, anger and despair. It's a tale told by clanging guitars, thundering drums, and barely in control vocals, a hate letter filled with twisted and bitter lines like "I wear my woe with a blood stained nose" and "Four is sore, just a ripped and bloodied claw/Five is a bunching fist that's within me." The lyrics are penned by dual threat drummer Mark Cleveland and sung as if his life depended on it by guitarist Sam Windett. In fact, the whole record overflows with that kind of commitment and a maniacal energy that sometimes threatens to overturn and spill across the floor. Songs like the raging opener "Cherry Lips," the careening "Jab Jab," and "Modern Lovers" fairly burst with passion and abandon, the likes of which would overwhelm listeners if not for the tracks that scale back the insanity and smolder rather than blaze. The presence of the almost slinky disco of "Dead Funny," the quietly pulsing "Cuckoo," and the best song on the record, the dynamic and catchy (and brutal) "Dart for My Sweetheart" give the record some balance, making it a very satisfying listen. There aren't many bands in the post-turn of the century post-punk revival sweepstakes that play with as much raw emotion or who deliver such unadorned and honest words and sounds. If you find those attributes attractive in a band, by all means track down Derdang Derdang and get ready for a terrible and tremendous listening experience.

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